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Have you ever dreamt of having a v shaped face? Ever want to look like those beautiful, skinny Korean Idols? We bet it has crossed your mind at least once, right? We know for sure that skin sagging, and wrinkles are normal problems that many face as they grow older. Many would constantly reminisce on their younger days and wish they still have that cheerful, radiant look they had before. Often, people would opt for botox injection or cosmetic surgery to appear younger and some even try to change their lifestyle to give themselves that natural glow, in hopes to look more youthful. It is not wrong to want to look young and here at Klinik Suzana, we offer various treatments in helping you to achieve a v shaped face.

Why “V-Shaped” Face?

A v shape face is a type of face shape that is characterized by a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a tapered chin. This face shape is considered to be very desirable, as it is associated with youth and beauty. It is also considered to be the most attractive type of face shape. Additionally, v shape faces are often considered to be more photogenic than other face shapes. Women with this face shape are often sought after for modeling and acting roles. Finally, v-shaped faces are also believed to be an evolutionary sign of fertility, which explains why men are attracted to this facial structure. Now, all these make up for quite a few reasons why a majority of women wish to have a v shape face.

Here’s four solution if you want that V-shaped face:

Ever heard of a thread lift?

A thread lift is another noninvasive alternative to facelift surgery that works wonders in making the skin look more vibrant. This procedure works by inserting medical-grade thread material into the face which will then tighten your face using the thread itself. It helps a lot in cases where the skin is sagging to look more defined. Aside from looking more sharp, this threading procedure also helps stimulate collagen production where you can have a much fresher look than before. Not only that, with our treatment, you can say goodbye to your wrinkles for up to a year! That is how long this treatment is effective for. Amazing right? Not only is it worth the money, but it also saves you a lot of cost once the procedure is completed. What else can you ask for? Results can be seen almost instantly after treatment, and as time passes by, the changes are more visibly prominent. This thread procedure works best for those whom their facial areas have sagged or look less tight. This is because the thread works as if it is ‘pulling’ your skin as the thread tightens.

Is HIFU treatment worth it?

If that excites you, well you are in luck because another famous treatment we offer is the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU treatment. For those who are 30 and older, with mild to moderate skin laxity, this treatment is highly recommended for you. With no downtime, your skin can be lifted and become firmer with this non-surgical procedure. How does that even happen, you may ask? HIFU uses ultrasound energy to enhance the production of collagen within the skin giving you a more slick, young look. Now, people will think that you are aging backwards, you would look like a teenager again! A similar non-surgical lifting HIFU treatment is Sygmalift that is suitable for those with low pain tolerance. The procedure is done with the highly focused ultrasound beams that intersect and target specific layers of the skin tissue.

Are HIFU and Sygmalift similar?

For HIFU treatment, the treated parts can include the forehead, mid-face, lower face and also neck area. As it is non-surgical, it is safe for the face. With a few sessions, in no time the wrinkles on your forehead and neck can be reduced, your jawline will become more defined and your brow will also be lifted, all depending on the area you wish to get treated. The most significant distinction between Sygmalift and HIFU is the level of pain experienced during treatment. Sygmalift is performed using fractionated HIFU, which makes it virtually painless. In the case of nonsurgical face lifting, both treatments are similarly effective. Sygmalift requires treatment once a week for 3-6 weeks with visible results after the first session for optimal results, but it also depends on the individual. The lifting effect can last up to a year. In the case of other HIFU, 2-4 sessions can produce visible results for 2-3 months.

Get that radiant skin with RF

Our skin clinic in Johor Bahru also provides a Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening treatment where this is also a non-surgical procedure that helps to tighten loose and saggy skin. In addition, it also helps contours the face and softens fine lines. This will give your skin a more radiant and young look. How is it done, you may ask? Well, the technique includes employing energy waves to heat the dermis, or deeper part of your skin. The heat increases collagen synthesis, where it helps improve the skin’s firmness.

Aren’t all these treatments the same?

They might all sound similar to one another but they all focus on one main goal, giving you a V shape face.

Thread LiftHIFU TreatmentSygmaliftRF Treatment
How is the procedure performed?Medical-grade thread
material is inserted
into the face.
Highly focused
ultrasound is
beamed on the skin
that intersect and
target specific layers
of the skin tissue.
Uses fractionated
highly focused
ultrasound that
beams less
painfully on the
Energy waves are
employed to heat
the dermis
(deeper part of skin).
How soon can I see
the results?
Right away.2-3 months.2-3 months.12 weeks.
How long do the
results last?
Up to a year.Up to year with follow up sessions.Up to year with follow up sessions.Up to year with follow up sessions.
Are there any side
  • Bruising
  • Slight pain
  • Will feel a bit
  • Blotchy skin
  • Swelling
  • Skin rashes
  • Scarring
  • Hyperpigmentation

Why wait to get that V-shaped face?

To conclude, treatments for face lifting and skin tightening can help in getting a v shape face. For those looking for a non-invasive way to achieve a v-shaped face, Klinik Suzana offers these four treatments, Thread Lift, HIFU treatment, Sygmalift and RF treatment, to help assist your beauty goal. The result is usually seen within a few weeks to months, and the effects can last for years. While there is no guaranteed way to achieve the perfect v shape face, these treatments can help you achieve significant results. So what are you waiting for, let us help you get that V shape face today!

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