PRP Treatment For Face | Benefits, Side Effects, Pain, Cost

Facial and Beauty Aesthetics in Malaysia are now more accessible than ever, with many options to choose from, and it can be confusing, we get you! Today, we'll look into PRP, one of the most effective ways to restore a youthful glow to your skin. Let's take a deeper look.

What is PRP treatment?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is a facial rejuvenation procedure commonly practised to restore a youthful glow and reduce signs of ageing which some people may be concerned about. Through a minimally invasive procedure, PRP combines principles from cosmetic treatments and regenerative medicine to promote healing and restore natural beauty. PRP itself has been around for quite some time. it was first introduced back in the 1970s when doctors extracted plasma from blood and studied its medical potential. Even though PRP is often associated with beauty and aesthetics these days, its application is vast in the healthcare line such as sports, surgery, neurology, and other medicinal fields due to its regenerative solid abilities.

How does PRP work?

Being a relatively new trend, people may have questions about the science behind how it can be so effective in rejuvenating your skin. The technicality of PRP itself is quite unique compared to other facial and aesthetic procedures. The process begins with the extraction of a small amount of blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge, an instrument that spins rapidly to generate centrifugal force to separate the blood cells into its different components. Platelets are isolated from the rest of the blood, and this highly concentrated serum is then injected back into the patient's skin, where it harnesses natural growth to promote cell regeneration and stimulate collagen production which reduces wrinkles and enhances facial features. This is possible because the platelets in the plasma contain a lot of beneficial proteins, enzymes, and healing factors which help the skin heal and rejuvenate itself. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

What are the benefits of PRP treatment for face?

PRP as a cosmetic procedure has many benefits that help improve overall skin complexion that can help individuals look their best without going under the knife. The healing factor contained in the plasma has been shown to stimulate collagen production, leading to an improvement in skin elasticity and firmness that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It has also demonstrated a good scar healing performance, including hypertrophic scars and keloids. PRP injections have also been proven to be effective in treating pigmentation issues, such as melasma and chloasma as well as other skin discolouration. Additionally, the platelets also act as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain and swelling which helps speed up recovery time. Due to its non-invasive nature, many patients report quicker recovery times compared to more conventional treatments that might require downtime. With all these benefits, PRP treatment has become a viable option for those who seek to improve their overall facial appearance with minimum pain and faster relief.

Who is a good candidate for PRP treatment

On the Aesthetic and beauty side, for those looking to restore their youthful appearance, PRP treatment is a great choice as it provides natural-looking results with less downtime afterwards. Beauty enthusiasts seeking to improve their complexion, reducing wrinkles and lines, while boosting hydration may also opt for this procedure. PRP can also be conducted on people suffering from extensive acne scars or skin discolouration, such as those who suffer from melasma or hyperpigmentation. If you are still uncertain if PRP treatment is right for you, Talk to us! Suzana Clinic has a team of professional healthcare practitioners who can assess you to determine the best treatment for your skin condition.

Side effects of PRP treatment

While it is popular for beauty and aesthetics, this noninvasive procedure has been used to treat a variety of health conditions such as joint pain, Lyme disease, hair loss and injuries of the back and tendons, making it a studied subject. Since PRP treatment uses the patient’s platelets to promote healing and regeneration, the risk of developing an allergic reaction can be minimized. While it is generally considered safe, there are certain side effects associated with PRP treatment that should be noted. These typically include discomfort in the areas where needles were injected, temporary swelling at the site, minor bruising and possibly a feeling of tightness or pulling on the skin from the effects of the excretion of growth factors. Usually, these very mild side effects resolve within days after treatment. Patients should contact their practitioner if they have any concerns related to possible side effects following their PRP treatment.

Cost of PRP treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is becoming a popular choice for beauty facial aesthetic treatments. While the cost of PRP treatments varies depending on the application and complexity of your treatment plan, it has become increasingly accessible. Although it may be more expensive than other treatments, they offer far greater longevity than traditional facial procedures like Botox and fillers while presenting fewer risks. With this in mind, PRP may provide greater value for money depending on each patient's individual needs. In addition to offering a long-term investment that can save you aesthetic costs in the future, PRP provides results without compromise - making it one of the best options available for those looking to treat their beauty concerns effectively and affordably.

PRP treatment is a versatile and effective option for those who want to rejuvenate their complexion, reduce wrinkles and lines, or lighten skin discolouration. It is minimally invasive, has few side effects, and can be done in quickly with little downtime. It is important to consult a professional healthcare practitioner before undergoing any procedure in order to ensure the best possible results with minimum risk. At Suzana Clinic, we are dedicated to providing a safe, effective, and comfortable treatment to improve and restore a naturally youthful look to your complexion. If you are considering PRP treatment, book a consultation with Klinik Suzana Bukit Indah or Klinik Suzana Bandar Dato’ Onn today! We would be happy to discuss this treatment option and answer any questions you may have.

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